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Believe it or not, the holidays are near, so we need to start thinking about preparing gourmet meals again. With every big meal, it’s always important to consider your choice of food and wine pairings. A skillful wine pairing can be the finishing touch for a memorable dining experience.

Holiday meals are far more complex than an everyday dinner, as they feature multiple courses and cooking preparations. This fact, coupled with the types of wine available, can make the task seem daunting. But choosing the perfect wine really isn’t that complicated; just keep in mind that there’s no single perfect wine.

The two essential rules to help you choose the right wines for your meal: subtly flavored dishes are best served with delicate wines, while robust dishes demand full-flavored wines; and simple dishes work best with complex wines, while complex dishes are best with simple wines.

The wine shouldn’t compete with the food, but complement its flavor and complexity. Here are the basic guidelines and a few recommendations for wines that go with traditional holiday fare.

Regardless of what you’re serving, the wine that pairs best is always the one enjoyed by everyone. AA!