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As ArtsPartners embarks on a Discover Peoria ARTS public service campaign, we pose a challenge to anyone who has a camera and is looking for a creative project: snap a picture of Peoria ARTS in action and send it to us at [email protected]. This year, we’re concentrating on building a library of images we’ll use for a series of short, 20- to 30-second TV public service spots that will air throughout the coming year and which encourage our local community to get out there and discover Peoria ARTS for themselves.

Presently, ArtsPartners has already developed a series of public service spots that serve as a template of sorts, which you can find on our home page at In between the piano player and ballet dancer, click on TV Public Service Spots, and you’ll see the series of TV spots we’ve already produced and are all set to air-except for one small glitch: only about half of the images are of actual Peoria ARTS. This is where you come in. With your help, we can fold in Peoria images and replace some of the royalty-free stock images that fit our script, but don’t actually reflect Peoria area ARTS.

That’s why, with help from the community, we aim to show: 

But wait. Before you think ART is only alive on stage, at the theater, or at the museum, there are other places we want to show where ART is alive. Send us images that show how at school…ART makes you smarter. In counseling…ART is good therapy. At the hospital…ART promotes healing.

For one of the TV scripts we’ve developed, you can send us Peoria images that show how in March…ART offers the promise of Spring. In July…ART celebrates our heritage. In October…ART’s true colors unfold. In December…ART is cool, contemplative.

Or how about finding us images that fit the following script: it’s 8 p.m. on a Friday night. Where is ART? At the theater? Listening to jazz? At a dance recital? At home, scrapbooking with the kids? That’s right. ART is all over town, playing in Peoria.

Further, we need photos that show how ART’s image is hip, cool, be-bop, chic, classic, simple, and stunning. We need images that show how ART is cutting edge and avant-garde. Maybe this is where the kids in community come into the project. They can show us how ART raps, how ART rocks, and how ART rolls.

In short, we need to show in so many ways-in fact, in ways that are endless-how ART touches the heart, fires the imagination, and draws us together as a community.

Will you be our artspartner? Help us Discover Peoria ARTS by sending your images to us. If your image is crisp and clear, you may find your image of ART playing on TV, playing in Peoria, and playing to Peoria. AA!