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As many of you are well aware, Discovery Forum 2004: A Celebration of Creativity extolled creativity in both scientific and artistic arenas. Now comes a logical follow-up: Discovery Forum 2005: A Celebration of the Art And Science of Life. To be held April 29 at the Peoria Civic Center, Discovery Forum 2005 promises to include some of the same winning ingredients that made Discovery Forum 2004 the acclaimed success it was: a headliner keynote speaker whose life work incorporates both disciplines of art and science; a series of related presentations that tie in both disciplines; and an opportunity for all attendees-from arts, business, and scientific types-to mingle over lunch and discuss principles that can help make our local area fertile ground for artistic and scientific endeavors.

As a co-sponsor of Discovery Forum 2005, ArtsPartners proudly supports the principle that creativity in all mediums, whether artistic or scientific, injects new energy and life into any community. That's why we've joined Peoria NEXT and The Peoria Civic Federation in encouraging your submissions regarding a creative collaboration between art and science that makes the world a better place-including our own community. Believing Discovery Forum 2004's message that creativity drives the economy, ArtsPartners wholeheartedly embraces this concept of creative collaborations because we want Peoria to evolve in creative ways for the sake of our own economic and cultural enrichment.

That's why we're asking you to get your creative juices flowing to submit an idea this month that illustrates a collaboration between arts and sciences. With a March 1 deadline for submissions fast approaching, you have only a few short weeks to send in your idea. The winning submission will be announced at the April 29 Discovery Forum.

The Peoria Prize For Creativity, as this award is called, was inspired in part by Discovery Forum 2004 headliner, Dr. Richard Florida, whose book, The Rise of the Creative Class, recognizes the powerful economic impact that takes place when a culture of creativity exists in a community. If national recognition isn't an incentive enough, this might be: the winner of the Peoria Prize For Creativity will receive a cash prize of $10,000 underwritten by The Peoria Civic Federation.
Submissions should be sent to Peoria NEXT, attention: Peoria Prize Nominations, 1 Illini Drive, Peoria, IL, 61605. For more information, please e-mail [email protected],, or call 671-8400 or 677-2360.

Our community has a tremendous opportunity to position itself as a leader in creativity. Your idea can lead the way. AA!