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ArtsPartners is in full swing with its 2005 campaign theme: "Discover Peoria ARTS. Alive. In Person." As mentioned previously, we adopted this theme because we know live attendance at local arts events, performances, and exhibits provides not only an exciting and memorable experience for arts attendees, but it pours lifeblood into our local arts organizations and, ultimately, our economy.

One of the first places the discovery of Peoria arts begins is our Web site at With a new, convenient, user-friendly calendar, you'll find the wide array of Peoria ARTS to discover is only a computer click away.

We're pleased to report our campaign is building momentum. In newsprint, on radio, and on television, you'll be seeing and hearing the phrase "Discover Peoria ARTS"-if you haven't already. In fact, ArtsPartners would like to gratefully acknowledge some of the businesses that believe so strongly in the importance of live arts attendance, that they, too, have embraced our campaign theme and are promoting it right along with us.

In addition to Arts Alive!, businesses assisting us with our promotional campaign include:

While we're delighted that the above businesses share our enthusiasm in promoting our Discover Peoria ARTS theme, we also know the more we promote the collaborative arts, the greater the chances of building a more vibrant arts community for all of us. If your business is willing to help promote our campaign theme, call 676-2787. AA!