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It started with food trucks, but the concept of a shop on wheels has exploded into new territory. For Shay Obery, a shopping trip to St. Louis—where she first laid eyes on a mobile clothing boutique—was the impetus for a new direction in life. “It was mind-blowing… how this girl took this old truck and turned it into a store.”

After several return visits, Obery couldn’t get the idea out of her head. Eventually she was urged to stop talking, and just do it. “The ball got rolling, and every door opened.” With help from family and friends, she found the perfect truck, gutted its insides, and turned it into the mobile shop of her dreams. After six months, “we were ready to roll,” she says. “Our grand opening was in January.”

From a handful of weekend popups, Obery’s mobile boutique has grown quickly, with multiple events scheduled throughout each week. “The response has been overwhelming,” she exclaims.

The Runaway Rack is now one of 500 fashion trucks across the country—and part of a growing cohort of mobile shops in Peoria, offering jewelry, coffee and even western boots. “We’ve done a lot of [events] together,” Obery explains. “It’s been neat to have people you can bounce ideas off of. Everyone’s been so supportive… It’s all about community and helping one another… and I love that.” a&s

Look for The Runaway Rack at Food Truck Frenzy in Peoria Heights on September 16, 2017, and “Track the Truck” at