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An online tool for converting measurements takes "keeping it real" to a whole new level.

Remember the days of converting feet to inches or gallons to liters? Now, thanks to Sensible Units, everyone from students to architects to artists can have a little fun with the numbers. Unlike other online conversion tools that simply translate measurements from one unit to another, Sensible Units slips some fun in by converting values and units into real-world objects.

After logging on to the site, simply type the value and its corresponding units into the box. The website will process the conversion and display it in terms of real-world objects on the right-hand side. Try, for instance, typing in “30 cubic inches.” That’s the equivalent of 2.3 glasses of wine. Four cubic centimeters is 140 raindrops. Seven million feet is the equivalent of 28 Panama Canals or 4.8 Grand Canyons.

When converting different units of measure, such as hard drive space, Sensible Units will, for example, show the number of Vista installations or Wikipedias that amount of space can hold. If you’re a down-to-earth person who doesn’t want to mess with a good thing, you can convert a measurement into “real” units simply by switching to the Units tab. For more information, log onto iBi