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On October 22nd, the Peoria Medical Society (PMS) sponsored an informal breakfast meeting for Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) President Dr. Shastri Swaminathan to meet with some small to mid-size employers in the Peoria area. The purpose of the meeting was to open lines of communication and help educate the business community on efforts of the state and county medical societies to preserve and improve healthcare access, and identify areas of common interest and services the Peoria Medical Society and ISMS can provide to employers.

The business representatives were able to share challenges they face in providing healthcare for their employees with rising insurance premiums and the difficulty in finding a carrier in many cases. Employers with business locations in multiple states have an even more difficult time in providing health insurance coverage.

This was the first meeting of this type for PMS and ISMS with local business leaders, but plans are underway to continue and expand the forum in the near future. Many of the guests stated that they learned new information which would be of value to them in the future. The needs of organized medicine and the small to mid-size businesses are closely aligned in many areas. iBi

GUESTS included:

REPRESENTATIVES of the Peoria Medical Society included: