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An Invite to Burglars
USE CAUTION when posting messages and photos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites while on vacation. You may think you’re innocently sharing photos and updates with friends, but keep in mind that everyone is watching-not just friends.

For example, if your Facebook profile lists your home address, and you post messages saying you’ll be in Germany for two weeks-with updates along the way-burglars may take that as an open invitation to pay a visit to your home. To be safe, wait until you return to post photos and messages from your trip, and send private emails to friends and family while you’re away.

10 Great Uses for Cell Phones While Driving
The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety came up with a list of 10 ways drivers can safely use cell phones. You may notice that some of the more popular uses are missing!

  1. Resource for the emergency kit
  2. Option for passengers who don’t want to disturb the driver
  3. Use camera to take photos at scenic overlooks
  4. GPS device so kids can figure out on their own if we’re "there yet"
  5. Paperweight so road maps don’t fly away
  6. Give to noisy children as a toy to play with
  7. Back-pocket brick to even out the side your wallet isn’t on
  8. Ashtray filler to prevent smokers from lighting up
  9. Wedge to keep the cooler in the trunk from squeaking on trips
  10. Teething ring for toddlers 

Notice what’s missing? That’s right, making phone calls and texting. If you have a phone in the car, stick to the list for safety’s sake. For more information on how you can use in-vehicle technologies safely, visit

My Favorites—Jan Wright
Jan Wright is president and CEO of Central Illinois Business Publishers. Together with her late husband, David C. Wright, she co-founded the company and became sole owner upon his death in 1997.

Five Favorite Movies
1…The Thomas Crown Affair
2…Something’s Gotta Give
3…Saint Elmo’s Fire
4…What About Bob?
5…National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Five Favorite Musicians
1…Tony Bennett
2…Michael Bublé
3…Elton John
4…Gloria Estefan
5…Bony James

Email Overload!
Email has long been a part of our daily lives, stealing precious time from important tasks. You may already be a pro at managing the sheer volume of email in your inbox every day, but if not, author Janis Fisher Chan’s suggestions may come in handy.