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Keep or Toss It?

Ever wonder how long you can keep that open bottle of red wine or loaf of banana bread that Mom dropped off before it goes bad? offers all the answers. Search by category or type in the food you’re curious about, and that information—how to store it and for how long—will be at your fingertips.

Reward Programs Missing the Mark

All those messages you receive about company loyalty programs aren’t as effective as they could be. According to a survey by marketing firm Direct Antidote, just 32 percent of U.S. consumers rated loyalty reward program communications an 8 or higher on a 1-to-10 scale for measuring relevancy to their needs. That means that for the other two-thirds, loyalty programs are faltering. DA president Di Cullen says that companies can improve their relevance by:

In Case of Emergency

Out-of-town trips, out-of-office meetings and vacations take a toll on your inbox. While most email services offer automated responses to keep colleagues in the loop, it’s difficult to filter out the messages that are truly urgent—and not everyone wants to publish their cell number.
AwayFind offers “a blueprint for escaping email,” placing a link on your auto-response message that leads to another site where people can fill out a form if they really need to reach you. By providing an alternate communication channel, you’ll be able to get those critical messages without straying from the task at hand. To learn more, check out

Take Your Cubicle from Jail Cell to Comfy Cubby

If you are stuck in a cubicle for 40 hours each week, at some point it may start looking more like a jail cell than your home away from home. Are the days becoming unbearable? Is your sanity slowly slipping away? If so, Jack Wallen of TechRepublic offers a few survival tips to help make your cubicle time less maddening.

Tip #1: Change it Up.
Don’t just update the pictures of your kids and your Great-Aunt Mildred. Overhaul your cubicle. Pick a theme and run with it or decorate for the next holiday. Whatever you choose will keep your cubicle from becoming blasé, while saving your sanity at the same time.

Tip #2: Take Breaklets.
Don’t let your lunch break be your only break. If you can, split your lunch break into smaller breaks throughout the day. Or just grab a folder or a handful of papers and make like you’re going to make copies and take a stroll around the office.

Tip #3: Move Your Office.
If you use a laptop at the office, from time to time move to a break room or meeting room to take a vacation from your cubicle, if your company policies allow you to do so. Don’t forget to have a fully-charged battery or outlet handy!

Tip #4: Socialize.
Find someone who shares similar interests so you can talk about something other than work once in awhile. Leave your cubicle to catch up, or invite someone over to chat so your workspace isn’t a lonely space.

Tip #5: Random Acts of Kindness.
Do something nice for a coworker each day. You don’t have to do anything earth-shattering, but even something as simple as picking up someone’s print job for them and delivering it to their desk can make their day.

Tip #6: Play Hooky.
Find a special event or the perfect day to be outdoors and call in sick. It might just be enough to get you through to your next vacation day. (Editor’s note: Follow this advice at your own risk…and if you get caught, you didn’t hear it from us!)

Tip #7: Have a Sense of Humor.
Let everyone see that you can handle everything life throws at you with a smile on your face. Laugh at silly mistakes. Joke around with your co-workers. But always remember: keep your company policies in mind.


My Favorite Restaurants

Ray Khattar, owner of Fred’s Shoe Repair on University Street, enjoys action and adventure movies and listens to ‘70s and ‘80s music to remind himself of his younger days. But these days, he tends to concentrate on the business that’s been in his family for over 35 years, repairing luggage, shoes and more for his very loyal customer base. When he’s not working, you may be able to find him at one of his favorite restaurants in town:

  1. Agatucci’s
  2. Lariat Steakhouse
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings
  4. Rizzi’s
  5. Alexander’s Steakhouse