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Gear Up for Summer Camp
Going away to camp can be one of the most exciting things children can do, but it can also create a great deal of anxiety for first-time campers. The American Camp Association offers the following advice to prepare children for their first camp experiences:

Put It Down on Paper
These days, we fill our lives to the max, over-scheduling ourselves and bouncing from one thing to another so quickly we hardly have time to breathe. Author Maureen Daigle-Weaver suggests that journaling can help reduce the stress in our chaotic lives. Writing about your work—the positive and negative—can keep you on an even keel. You can find energy and focus at the end of a long day by prioritizing your family’s (and your own) needs. Vent…and create order in your life amidst the chaos.

The New “Old Quarter”
The Peoria Riverfront’s nightly entertainment district, the Old Quarter, will be open along Water Street from 4pm to midnight, Monday through Saturday this summer. Weekdays will feature art shows, bags tournaments and salsa and swing dancing, while live music will fill the air on weekends. Every Wednesday from 5 to 8pm, an art market featuring local artists and area performers will be held, with art on display and available for purchase.

When in Doubt, Question
When unsure of how to handle tricky situations that come up while working with important decision-makers, business expert and author Ann Marie Sabath recommends asking questions to determine the best way to move forward. “Rather than freezing up or trying to prove how smart you are, ask respectful, intelligent questions and see what happens next,” she says. For example, ask “What is your main goal?” or “How would you like me to proceed?”

Simple Organization Can Increase Your Bottom Line
We’re all familiar with the term, Return on Investment (ROI), and have probably implemented new and creative ways which allow us to see higher ROIs in these challenging times. But, as suggested by USA Today columnist Steve Strauss, there may be a better way to raise revenue these days—by being organized. By creating order, companies can begin to see greater Returns on Organization (ROO).

Strauss claims that increasing the level of organization within a company can have a very positive effect on their bottom line. “In fact,” he says, “it is estimated that increased ROO can yield up to an extra two hours of productive time a week and up to an additional six percent of revenue.” When individual workers are organized, productivity levels increase, which in turn, causes the company’s bottom line to increase.

Here are some of his suggestions on how to increase your company’s Return on Organization:

My Faves… Local Restaurants
Tom O’Neill III has been a member of the Peoria County Board since 1993 and currently serves as chairman. Since 1984, he has worked for the City of Peoria Public Works Department and is now the lead signal electrician. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and has served the community through his church and Limestone’s youth sports leagues.

  1. Kelleher’s. Great for authentic Irish food and the best selection of beers and Irish whiskeys. 
  2. Basta O’Neill’s. Great Italian food (including their prize steaks) and Irish whiskey.
  3. Granite City. Good selection of different foods and home-brewed beers (including the Growler to take your favorite brew home).
  4. Fish House. Best selection of seafood around and great atmosphere, with one of the best hostesses around.
  5. Hammer’s. Probably the best bar menu around, with top-quality food at a reasonable price (chicken wings and pizza best choice). iBi