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Jordan Hazelman has a philanthropic heart. Last July, this spunky six-year-old watched her mother volunteer as a tour guide at the community open house for the new Children’s Hospital of Illinois and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. As is often the case, children learn from the actions of adults. Witnessing her mother’s gift of time, Jordan wanted to make a contribution herself. She decorated a tin can and set up shop selling sodas at the family garage sale. Dedicated to her cause, Jordan raised over $63 that she proudly donated to Children’s Hospital; a child reaching out to help children.

Jerry and Lynn Flaherty are another shining example of philanthropy in action. Their $500,000 gift will make it possible to turn an uninspired asphalt rooftop into an oasis; a beautiful garden where the patients of Children’s Hospital and their families can relax, play and restore their spirits.

These are but two examples of the many charitable donations that have allowed OSF Saint Francis Medical Center to fulfill the Sisters’ mission of delivering the greatest care and love in a community that values the gift of life.

What motivates members of our community to open their hearts and give gifts of their time, treasure and talent?
The answers are as varied as the individuals themselves. Sometimes a donation is the result of an emotional personal encounter with medical center services, such as a life-saving surgery or appreciation for the sensitive clinical care of a premature baby. Other donors are motivated by respect for the Sisters and their daily example of selfless giving. Donations can be the result of civic duty or a personal need to “give back.” Philanthropic gifts create a legacy; honoring a loved one through service to others. Regardless of the motivation, or even the level of giving, those who donate are united in an effort to improve the well-being of others—the ultimate coming together for a greater good.

What impact can a gift of any size make?
The funding provided through charitable giving has paved the way for accessible quality healthcare regardless of economic status. An example of this is the Sisters Clinic which reaches out to a growing percentage of the community every year. Donations have equipped our Centers of Excellence with the most advanced technology, enabling innovative procedures to be performed in central Illinois.

Three NESS H200 Hand Rehabilitation Systems were recently implemented as a treatment option at OSF Saint Francis and the Illinois Neurological Institute for patients with upper extremity paresis from stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury. The NESS H200 is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) system but exceeds previous models by providing an elevated level of technology. OSF Saint Francis is currently the only medical center to have implemented this ground-breaking technology. Many excellent nurses have enhanced the quality of healthcare as a result of an educational scholarship or endowment at the Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, made possible through dedicated funding from community members. Donations of toys, hats and blankets through individual and organized efforts provide tangible comfort and distraction to the scared child who is either the patient or family member of someone receiving medical care.

From the beginning, the Sisters knew their prayers would be answered, and they continue to be as a result of your generosity. Thank you. iBi

It is in giving that we receive. There are many ways to get involved at OSF Saint Francis.