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The importance of networking is often times forgotten—that is until you have a need or your career requires you to do so. Being a good relationship builder or networker is a way of life that, used correctly, can lead to a great deal of success. An effective networker often attends various community functions and is active in many organizations. Here are the top traits of those who have mastered the art of networking and relationship building.

Optimistic Attitude.
If you reflect on the people you truly enjoy spending time with, you will find a common link—most have optimistic and positive attitudes. The opposing attitude makes people detest simply being around you and does not prompt people to help you accomplish your goals. Naturally, we enjoy associating with forward-thinking individuals who have optimistic attitudes.

Passion & Motivation.
Passion and motivation are said to be the best sales characteristics one could possibly have. These two traits align very well with the right attitude and tend to go hand in hand. A motivated and passionate person makes the right things happen for themselves and others.
Reliability & Commitment. In our business and personal lives, we align ourselves and our companies with people and institutions that deliver what they promise in order to be successful. To build solid relationships, you need to be viewed as someone who can be counted on every time. If you follow through in your interactions, your commitment to the relationship will not be questioned; however, it only takes one letdown to be viewed conversely. For both young and seasoned professionals, the constant struggle is over commitment, be it personal, civic or professional roles. In short, know when and how to say no and balance life’s obligations; otherwise, eventually you could become overcommitted and fail to meet the expectations of your obligations.
Solid Listening Skills. Few individuals in our busy day truly take the time to listen. Ultimately, this can tarnish relationships and can cause you to be viewed as arrogant or snobby. In every relationship, your success is built on how well you listen and learn from the people you interact with. The faster you can learn what you need to know about someone, the faster you can establish a valuable, mutually beneficial, lasting relationship. Listening carefully to the needs of your peers can also help shed light on business and referral opportunities. With a good network in place, you can position yourself to engage peers in meeting the needs of others, making you a valued resource. Remember, solid listening skills take a focused effort.
Authentic Sincerity. Being sincerely interested in others is something you cannot fake. The authentic nature of how you engage in conversation and someone’s interests is vitally important. Those who have successfully developed networking skills convey their gratitude and sincerity at every turn with every relationship. Sincerity complements good listening skills. To be sincere, you must be a good listener and give your undivided attention to the individuals with whom you are developing a relationship. Everyone tends to multitask from time to time; but when you multitask, nothing gets your full, undivided attention and everything tends to suffer in some way. Make eye contact when you are speaking with someone. Sincerely show that you care and give your complete attention to that individual.
Best of luck this year in building long, lasting relationships and networking to meet your ever-changing needs. Remember to listen, be passionate, follow through on your commitments and keep a positive attitude. iBi