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ICC focuses on new opportunities for learning and community that retirement brings.

With a growing population of community members who are entering a new milestone in life, retirement is taking on new meaning. With retirement comes new opportunities: to continue to learn, to become more involved with community projects, and to seek a new career or part-time work. A new program at Illinois Central College called Prime Plus is taking a closer look at retirement and how our community may enrich retirement for current and soon-to-be retirees.

“We are experiencing a period of reinventing retirement. It’s no longer viewed as an extended vacation, but more as a new phase of life that blends leisure and work with opportunities for personal growth and continued social engagement,” says Norma Rossi, ICC consultant for Prime Plus. “In addition, we see where the demographics are changing, in Illinois and the nation. People 65 and older are becoming a larger percentage of the population in our communities, and we want to help identify ways to keep our community and neighborhoods aging-friendly.”

Rossi works with the college’s Adult Community Programs division, which provides a wide variety of noncredit programming and lifelong learning opportunities for those in the ICC district. Launched this year, the Prime Plus initiative, however, has taken the programming one step further. An advisory committee is currently exploring what currently exists in our community as well as the needs and interests of our community’s retirees. The gap that exists between the two is what Prime Plus hopes to address.

The Prime Plus advisory committee includes Byron DeHaan, Joyce DeRenzy, Anne Fox, Helen Martin, Sandy Moldovan and Carol Trumpe, and is staffed by Rossi. This group will gather information and make suggestions. Educational offerings on a wide variety of topics are already slated for this year—and several are listed here. For more information on Prime Plus, turn the page. To request a brochure with the entire fall schedule, call Norma Rossi at (309) 690-6912 or email [email protected]. iBi

Each program takes place at ICC North, 5407 N. University St.
in Peoria. For complete details, call (309) 690-6912 or visit

10/4: What You Need to Know to Prevent Falls
Learn how to reduce your risk of falling, including a brief risk evaluation and information on reducing hazards in your home to maximize safety.

10/4: Flat-Bottom Odyssey, From North Africa to D-Day
Learn how the LSTs—and the brave men who manned them—made it possible for the Allies to win World War II! Gene Jaeger of Princeton, Illinois, will explain how he took on the project of writing this history more than 60 years later.

10/11: Exercises to Improve Your Balance
Learn ways to build your strength and sense of balance. Taught by a physical therapist, you will learn how to reduce your risk of falling even if you have arthritis or other medical issues.

10/27: Healthy Eating In and Out
Learn how to make healthy food choices that taste delicious whether you are eating in or dining out. Learn food preparation techniques, shopping tips, helpful websites, recipes and more.

11/4: Friday Evening and the Arts
Enjoy a jazz concert and dinner at the Contemporary Art Center before touring a variety of artists’ studios. Meet the artists at The Mill, Murray Center for the Arts, Peoria Art Guild, The Cornerstone and Toraason Glass. Concert, meal and art exhibits included.

ICC will host several Fulbright Scholars in the International Program this fall. Plan to attend if you are interested in learning more about the cultures and countries listed below. Sessions are held at ICC North, 5407 N. University in Peoria, and cost is $15 for each session.

10/4: Meet the Fulbright Scholar from Russia
Anastasia Arturovna Chernetskaya has degrees in languages and literature, and interests in painting, poetry, music and literature. She will discuss Russian culture, styles and holidays.

10/11: Meet the Fulbright Scholar from Brazil
Fluent in three languages, Joyce Cristina Carvalho will share
her insights into Brazilian festivals, cooking, music, dances, art and crafts.

10/18: Meet the Fulbright Scholar from Ghana
Kumi Ansah-Koi is a political science scholar and senior lecturer at the University of Ghana. He will talk about a variety of subjects from the African perspective.