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A focus on customer service continues to be the hallmark of success.

Focusing on the electronics industry, it appears the economy has hurt the general retail side of the business. The “big box” stores are having trouble surviving, and many have closed outlets across the industry. Is this the economy at play, or perhaps a failure to service what matters most: their customers?

From the perspective of product design, both small and large electronics manufacturers continue to make substantial investments in new product development. Economy or not, never has there been a time when electronics play such a critical role in our lives. We want products that not only work well, but are easy to use. Yes, some of these products are found in those “big box” stores and through thousands of online merchants, but it is the custom electronics side of the industry that is not only surviving, but thriving in this market.

Custom electronics installers are small businesses that represent many of the electronics brands you never knew existed. The reason? You’re actually buying the custom installer, not necessarily the product lines it carries. This alone is a huge paradigm shift, especially in a turning economy in which every dollar spent is watched carefully, no matter how little or how much. The point is that the custom electronics installer brings to market something the electronics industry has not had in its favor in the past: service excellence.

With the thousands of options and solutions out there to integrate audio and video—not to mention controllers, lighting, drapes/shades, security, surveillance and more—why not put your trust in a small business that is not only trained to design the right solution and install reliable products, but one that provides service excellence for years to come? This is exactly where the custom electronics installer finds success and is doing its part in shaping economic development.

Remember, the economy is an inanimate object. Many speak of it as though it were a living, breathing thing that is forcing job losses and businesses to close their doors. The fact is, the economy is what we make of it, a measurement of success or failure. Regardless of the industry in which we do business, we can persevere to do more with less, or less with more, be creative in our efforts, and do what it takes to succeed. iBi

Matt Allen is the owner of Oak Point Technologies Inc., retailer and installer of home theater, home automation and technology solutions for home or business.