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Mylissa Carstens is a Six Sigma Black Belt in the Parts Distribution Division at Caterpillar Inc., where she leads cross-functional teams in pursuit of improvements in quality, velocity, cost and safety. She also serves as Caterpillar’s campus coordinator for Iowa State University, having earlier developed a partnership between the two organizations.

In her eight months as a Six Sigma Black Belt, Carstens has already led six successful projects and two Rapid Improvement Workshops, resulting in greatly improved efficiency and safety. In her previous positions at the company, she has demonstrated a proven ability to engage and inspire her teams while improving velocity, reducing processing times and exceeding profit expectations.

And Carstens’ leadership efforts are not restricted to her work at Caterpillar. A strong supporter of the Community Workshop and Training Center, Carstens helped the organization prepare for its Trivia Night fundraiser and organized two teams of Caterpillar employees, leading to both direct financial contributions and additional contributions through raffles and auctions. She also organized a team in support of PARC’s “Bon Appetit Live” fundraising event, efforts which were instrumental in PARC’s selection of Caterpillar as its Business Partner of the Year.

Carstens has dedicated herself to Peoria Production Shop and its Employee of the Month program, work which earned her a letter of commendation from the organization’s president. She has raised money and awareness for Easter Seals and St. Jude, and participates in various activities with her husband at Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Carstens sets a high standard for other leaders to follow. Even with all her professional and personal commitments, she is pursuing her MBA and is on schedule to graduate with honors from Bradley University next spring. iBi