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Renee S. Andrews is the principal at Trewyn Middle School in Peoria Public School District 150. In addition to supervising staff and managing the school’s budget, Andrews is responsible for communicating with parents and the community, aiming to ensure that all students reach their full potential.

Besides researching the best practices and latest techniques in education, Andrews goes out of her way to spend time in the classroom, interacting personally with the students. Described as a nurturer and giver by heart, she has worked hard to change the mindset some have about her school, striving every day to have a healing effect on its children and the community.

A lifelong educator and learner, Andrews has stayed abreast of changes in her field in part by earning three master’s degrees. As reading coach and then principal at Whittier Primary School, she championed the Blue Ribbon requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Education, modeling strategies to prepare staff, students and their parents for the ISAT. Carrying over that success to Trewyn, Andrews has developed a strong discipline policy and rewards system for students and staff, and offered professional development to teachers by experts in their fields.

Outside of the classroom, Andrews is very involved with her church and family. She is the children’s choir director at Bethel United Methodist Church, where she also sings with the Praise and Worship Team. She has previously volunteered in the church’s adult choir and recruited for its Race for the Cure team.

Andrews has been honored with the Bethel United Methodist Women in Mission Award for her commitment to better women and children in the community; the 25 Women in Leadership Award for her efforts to change the environment around Trewyn and the surrounding community; and the Blue Ribbon in Education Award for maintaining high test scores and accomplishments at Whittier.

The mother of four boys, Andrews is a proud soccer and JFL mom, serving as a role model and leading by example in all her daily interactions. iBi