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Whether you are a business or residential customer, there is no shortage of ways to save on your energy bill.

Since its inception in 2008, the ActOnEnergy initiative has been helping residential and business customers save money by using less energy. In fact, the combined electricity savings impact of all ActOnEnergy actions taken by Ameren customers equals the annual electricity usage of about 42,600 typical residential customers.

ActOnEnergy has been structured to benefit every customer, beginning with easy-to-do energy efficiency actions to major projects that can slash energy usage. To encourage such actions, the program offers a wide variety of financial rebates and incentives.

The easiest money-saving actions are also those that cost little or nothing to implement. For example, energy usage can be cut by about three percent simply by turning up the air conditioner thermostat a single degree. Additional savings can be achieved by regularly changing filters, running ceiling fans and closing drapes during daylight hours.

ActOnEnergy offers a variety of rebates to residential customers. For example, there is a $10 rebate for smart power strips, which can reduce power costs by sensing the current in one outlet, and switching on or off the rest accordingly. A programmable thermostat is eligible for a $25 rebate, which can save the typical residential customer $100 or more per year.

Refrigerator/freezer recycling is one of the most popular residential programs. Customers receive $50 from ActOnEnergy by turning in a working standard-size refrigerator or freezer. Furthermore, customers will save $150 or more annually in their electricity bills by retiring their “energy hog” refrigerator.

Of course, ActOnEnergy also offers residential customers more comprehensive programs, such as Home Energy Performance. By working through a HEP Program ally, homeowners can qualify for incentives of up to $1,200 for air/duct sealing, up to $1,400 for attic insulation, and up to $2,400 for wall insulation. There are incentives for heating/ventilation/air conditioning as well.

ActOnEnergy also offers incentive programs and advice for businesses of all sizes and types, including private schools and nonprofits. One of the most popular features is the Business Online Store, a service that allows Ameren Illinois business customers to purchase a wide variety of energy-saving CFLs, motion sensors, LED exit signs and vending machine controls at a discount.

In addition, there are energy-efficiency incentives for lighting, refrigeration, motor systems and HVAC systems. Incentives are available for retro commissioning, multi-family buildings, commercial kitchen equipment, and hotel and motel guest room energy management systems.

There is a program for grain and livestock farmers, providing incentives for lighting upgrades, livestock waterers, and such high-efficiency equipment as circulation fans, water heaters and exhaust fans. ActOnEnergy also offers the commercial kitchens program, grocery/convenience store incentives and custom incentives. iBi

Ameren Illinois delivers energy to 1.2 million electric and 813,000 natural gas customers in downstate Illinois.