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The Ackermans plan to serve up toasty sandwiches, tasty treats and toe-tapping jams at Potbelly Sandwich Shop in the Levee District.

Scott Ackerman is no stranger to family business. Having grown up watching up his grandfather, Ralph, and father, Dennis, operate Klean-Rite Cleaners in Peoria, he learned the ropes at a young age. So when Scott and his brother, Jeff, along with their wives, Lara and Kim, were presented with an opportunity to open a Potbelly Sandwich Shop in East Peoria, they jumped at the chance to bring the eclectic eatery to central Illinois and continue a tradition of keeping business all in the family.

“It’s just a fun, energetic, upbeat type scene,” Scotts says of the Chicago-based sandwich shop. “And we feel that the values of the company are similar to our family values. It just seemed to be a good match.”

Featuring a vivacious atmosphere, local décor and live music throughout the week, Potbelly is famous for its signature “toasty, warm sandwiches,” Scott explains, as well as “hand-dipped shakes, made-to-order salads, [and its] variety of soups.” While a wide range of menu options—from sandwiches like A Wreck, a carnivore lover’s dream, to Scott’s vegetarian favorite, the Mediterranean—appeals to even the most particular of eaters, Scott says what truly makes the restaurant stand out is the dining experience—with a focus on making every guest happy. “For me personally, as a businessman, I enjoy stopping there for lunch because it kind of takes you away from your day,” he describes. “It’s just a nice, relaxing atmosphere that breaks up the work day.”

The East Peoria Potbelly Sandwich Shop, located at 318 West Washington, opens Wednesday, August 7th, in the Levee District. Restaurant hours are Monday through Saturday, 11am to 9pm, and Sunday, 11am to 7pm. View the menu and keep up to date on events at iBi