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This is a very special year for The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis—and for all religious communities around the world. Pope Francis has designated a “Year of Consecrated Life,” which began on November 30, 2014 and extends to February 2, 2016. We are encouraged to open our doors and invite the public into our homes to share with them the joy of living a life of consecration to God. It is from this essential foundation that our Sisters serve in our sacred ministry of healthcare, along with 15,000-plus individuals “in the Spirit of Christ and after the example of Francis of Assisi.”

There are three aspects of this Open House across the nation. People of all ages and all religious affiliations are welcome.

Watch for these special days and give our Sisters the joy of having you under our roof. We look to the past with gratitude, live in the present with passion, and look to the future with hope! iBi

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