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Top Tech Tools for Business
Small business owners have ranked their favorite tech tools and apps in a variety of categories in SurePayroll’s third annual survey, part of the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard. Google Drive was reported as the most-used app, while Facebook and LinkedIn were cited as far more useful for business than other social media outlets, such as Twitter or Snapchat. (Surprisingly, Google Plus ranked higher as a social media platform for business than Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest.) The top-ranked tools in the following categories were:

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The State of Employee Benefits
Are you a business owner trying to make benefits affordable and worthwhile to your employees—and the bottom line? You’re not alone: Hub International Limited (HUB) conducted a survey of more than 400 senior-level HR and finance professionals and noted some interesting discoveries:

Source: Employee Benefits Barometer: SMB Perspectives and Priorities in an Era of Disruption, Hub International Limited


Millennial Entrepreneurship… By the Numbers

It’s a common trope: an up-and-coming generation foregoing the norm to take the exciting risk of starting a business. Some have claimed millennials to be the most entrepreneurial generation in history—but are they really? Derek Thompson of The Atlantic pulled together some numbers in a recent article “The Myth of the Millennial Entrepreneur,” suggesting otherwise:

Sources: The Atlantic, Kauffman Foundation, The Wall Street Journal, Federal Reserve 


Workplace Writing 101
Are you a strong writer, or are your communication skills in need of a major overhaul? If you’re in the latter group, you aren’t alone. According to CollegeBoard research, half of surveyed employers consider writing ability a significant consideration in hiring. And yet, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills reports that more than 26 percent of college students had deficient writing skills—according to the employers who hired them—while CollegeBoard notes that more than $3 billion is spent by businesses on remedial writing training each year. So what can you do to improve your writing skills? Here are a few tips:

Handwriting: An Essential Skill?
Amidst the continuous march of technology, some U.S. schools have decided to forgo teaching handwriting and cursive in order to focus on keyboarding instruction. Yet many experts on childhood education argue this could have negative consequences for literacy and brain development. On The New York Times blog, Dr. Perri Klass highlights a pair of studies which show the benefits of handwriting—and the reasons some schools are reintegrating it back into their curricula:

Business Myths to Squash
Starting up a business is a risky endeavor—but keeping it running is where the real challenge begins. Some classic bits of advice and age-old mantras, however, are not as useful as they once were. From Arthur Greeno and Bryan Smith’s recently released book Breaking Conformity, here are a few examples of business counsel that may require some fine-tuning: