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Employee engagement has all the earmarks of a marriage—a business one, anyway. It exists when employees feel they have jobs with employers they support, believe in and to whom they can make personal contributions.

Regardless of the size of the company at which you work (or own!), building employee engagement is critical to your organization’s success. One study done by the Gallup Organization revealed that companies exhibiting the highest levels of employee engagement are more likely to have above-average productivity (50%), retention (44%) and profitability (33%). Additional research has also proven that “engaged employees” enjoy their job more, are more likely to stay with their company and are more likely to be advocates of its products and services and contributors to its bottom line.

In a recent Gallup survey, however, it revealed evidence of declining employee engagement, finding that only 26 percent of employees consider themselves “actively engaged” in their work.

Disengaged Employees—Help Yourselves!

How about you? If you are an employee who is finding that you are becoming more and more disengaged, remember that the job you hold with your company is your livelihood. Maintaining a positive attitude and following these simple guidelines may be helpful to you and everyone around you:

The vast majority of employees today have little control over their work environments. It’s important that you focus on the positive. Keep your life in balance and seek enjoyable relationships at work. When you make an effort to do so, you will feel more fulfilled and will become more “fully engaged.” TPW