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Who do I know that needs homecare?
Consider anyone you know who is primarily homebound and in the need of nursing or therapy services. This could be someone who is at home already, someone who is coming home after a hospital stay, someone who is coming home from a nursing home or someone who has had a change in their primary caregiver.

How do I refer someone for homecare services?
For Medicare homecare services, the referral must come from a medical doctor, but a requested home care agency can assist in streamlining the referral. Call the home care agency’s office to discuss the potential client’s needs and they can direct you or the client/ caregiver on how to request homecare services from the MD.

For private duty services, call a licensed private duty home care agency and make your request for services needed. The agency will share what’s available and what they think would be the best fit. Upon choosing the agency to provide services, many agencies will set up a convenient time for a discharge planning nurse to come to the client’s home to set up a plan of care. Most agencies feel it is important for the client/caregiver/family to have input into the plan of care.

Why would I refer someone to Home Health Care?
The home setting is generally a more desirable setting for the elderly to heal and convalesce. Medicare homecare services are designed to be a bridge between hospital and home, nursing home and home, or even to assess a new or existing illness that may require the MD to make changes. Care provided in the home tends to make healing and convalescing easier, more comfortable and possibly faster. Many services can be rendered in a client’s home when the client is homebound due to illness, injury and disease. The following is just a sample of the many cares that can be given in the home by nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers and certified nurses aides: wound care, disease process teaching, medication teaching, assessing vital signs, lab draws, instruction in IV medication infusion and gastrointestinal feedings, catheter changes, therapy modalities, personal care and bathing. All Medicare homecare services are paid 100 percent by Medicare for patients that qualify.

When choosing a homecare agency, make sure:

•The agency is licensed by the state in which the client resides.
•The agency is bonded and insured.
•Employees are licensed or certified. tpw

The owner of Home Health Care Plus, Inc., located in Pekin, Debbie Davison is also a Registered Nurse and holds a Master of Science in nursing. The Medicare-certified company has been serving clients and their families in central Illinois since 1994. Each client’s personal physician is directly involved to help HHCP bring an optimal level of independence and skilled nursing care, home health aide services and therapy. For more information visit or call 353-7300.