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A Historic Cocktail

All the new life being brought into structures of the past spurs inspiration.

by Savannah Hattan, Black Band Distillery |
"The Warehouse District" is bright

Walking through Peoria’s Warehouse District continues to make me fall more in love with our city. I feel the richness of her history as I pass by the old brick buildings that have stood the test of time. Local artists are showcased on the murals which brighten many of them, as well as on the walls of Casa de Arte. So many businesses are focused on community and growth, while keeping the industrial aesthetic as a nod to our past.

With all the new life being brought into structures of the past, I think this neighborhood deserves its own cocktail. Sous Chef, whose building houses many other great services, has a wonderful selection of locally produced goods, so I picked up some locally grown garden sorrel and Abernathy’s Goldenrod Honey, produced right here in central Illinois.

Black Band Distillery’s mission is to bring our city’s prosperous history of distilling back home, and their gin is the perfect pairing for these summer flavors. This drink is bright, vibrant and refreshing—exactly what I experience walking down Adams Street in the Warehouse District. Check out the recipe below!

The Warehouse District

2 oz Black Band Distillery gin 
1 oz Abernathy Goldenrod honey-syrup 
3 oz sorrel-basil mix 
1 lemon 

Shake all ingredients together over ice, strain into a coupe glass, and garnish with lemon peel. 


2oz Abernathy Goldenrod honey
1oz warm water

Stir honey with warm water until honey is dissolved to a syrup’s consistency.

Sorrel-Basil Mix

1 cup loosely packed sorrel leaves 
1 cup loosely packed basil leaves 
Juice of 1 lemon 
½ cup water 

Blend all ingredients on high speed for one minute, then strain through a fine mesh strainer. PM