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A Sesquicentennial Celebration

F&M Bank celebrates the 150th anniversary of its founding.
by Peoria Magazine |
F&M Bank

In 2019, F&M Bank celebrates the 150th anniversary of its founding. The charter for the Farmers and Mechanics (F&M) Bank was granted on March 31, 1869. It is the 13th oldest bank in Illinois and among the oldest three percent of all banks in the country. Founder Chauncey S. Colton established Galesburg’s first store and post office, built its first school, and helped bring the railroad to town. When he and his associates organized F&M, they chose a name that signified the town’s builders: the hard-working farmers and the shoemakers, blacksmiths, carriage builders and printers—all called mechanics.

A century and a half later, the bank embraces community banking by offering competitive products, quality advice and outstanding service, as well as supporting many projects and organizations in the community. F&M Bank will hold several 150th anniversary celebrations throughout 2019. PM

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