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Startup of the Year

An online matchmaking service connecting freight carriers with loads to haul

by Peoria Magazine |
The Box Truck Network

“My passion in business is built on the foundation of bringing people and ideas together,” declares Philip Nenadov—and that is exactly what he did when he founded The Box Truck Network LLC in 2019. A veteran of the freight transportation business, Nenadov was well acquainted with the industry’s major pain points: shippers and supply chain managers often must scramble to arrange deliveries, while carriers and drivers struggle to find a reliable flow of loads to haul in order to remain profitable. His vision: to democratize freight logistics via a web-based “matchmaking” platform.

Based in Princeville, Illinois, The Box Truck Network functions much like an online stock exchange: freight loads needing delivery are offered by shippers and supply chain companies, while member carriers bid on loads that meet their hauling capacity and criteria. Once they are successfully matched and connected, the carriers work directly with the shippers or supply chain companies. The Box Truck Network also provides a personalized service that helps members locate opportunities that match their criteria through a mobile app.

By leveraging its unique platform, The Box Truck Network not only allows for efficient fleet management; it also helps establish new companies in the trucking industry. “The majority of our members have been in business for less than three years,” Nenadov affirms. “We counsel new carriers, provide them with business leads to get relationships going, and offer vendor products to help them grow their business. In addition, we prepare them for the future through training and safety programs.”

The Box Truck Network

In a very short period of time, The Box Truck Network has grown to serve nearly 20 major regional transportation hubs across the United States, with more than 400 paying members. It continues to build relationships with carriers and to train and cultivate new freight brokers and dispatchers, while working with the U.S. military, major automakers and other large manufacturers. And the company has done all of this through the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused freight to stop moving entirely in some areas.

Despite these uncertain times, Nenadov is excited for what lies ahead. “I want to be part of the solution for many small entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses,” he explains. With its unique value proposition, lightning-fast growth and the rave reviews of its members, The Box Truck Network has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. PM