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Startup of the Year

An empowered team placing customer needs above all else

by Jonathan Wright |
Skid Steer Nation

During his 10 years as director of a small skid steer attachment manufacturer, Ryan Deemer spoke to thousands of customers who had not known the company existed—even though he believed their products were better and more durable than those from larger international corporations. “These moments made me think there had to be a lot of other small manufacturers that built great products but were having a hard time getting them seen,” he explains. Enter Skid Steer Nation, LLC, an online dealer of skid steer attachments focused on representing those previously unseen companies. (Note: A “skid steer” is a small vehicle that can be outfitted with attachments for various construction and landscaping projects.)

Founded by Deemer in April 2020, Skid Steer Nation serves as a trusted authority, vetting manufacturers for quality and service so its customers can focus on their own businesses. “Our customers can trust that if Skid Steer Nation offers a product, we have done the homework for them,” he explains. “They will receive equipment that meets or exceeds their expectations, and Skid Steer Nation and our suppliers will provide the customer service they deserve.”Skid Steer Nation

The startup company has centered its business strategy on three key areas, Deemer notes. First, they created an online community that connects manufacturers and skid steer owners, allowing them to share tips and insights with other members. Second, they provide regular educational content—including a growing library of high-quality videos—showing how the attachments work and explaining their key features and benefits. Third, they developed a company culture that empowers their team members and places customer needs above all else.

Having carefully cultivated this community, Skid Steer Nation now accounts for an outsized portion of sales for several of its vendor partners. Based on their feedback and needs, Deemer and his team recently launched a marketing service to help them bolster their online presence, while providing CRM software that helps them communicate with their own customers. “In less than 30 days,” he adds, “our first customer tripled the number of estimates they normally provide.”

With continued growth and product line expansion on the horizon, Skid Steer Nation remains focused on providing high-quality American-made attachments, simple and effective marketing services, and business consulting. “We want to help our customers achieve their goals by building a strong and effective business and ensure they have the right equipment, resources and support for the work they do.” PM