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UnityPlace Comes Together

The new nonprofit organization will transform how local behavioral health services are delivered.
by Peoria Magazine |
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UnityPoint Health, Human Service Center and Tazwood Center for Wellness recently announced the formation of UnityPlace, a new nonprofit organization that will capitalize on the three organizations’ strengths to transform how local behavioral health services are delivered. The long-term vision is to create a comprehensive community and hospital-based system of behavioral health, integrate inpatient and outpatient services, and utilize active, population-focused health management strategies.

“By pooling our resources, we will be able to make an immediate impact on the service delivery system, addressing issues that have negatively impacted our community for decades,” says Debbie Simon, UnityPoint Health regional CEO and interim president of UnityPlace. “There is an urgency to behavioral healthcare, and people need to be seen quickly. We are going to make that happen.”

“Our organizations are making a strong commitment to elevate the field of behavioral healthcare,” adds Mike Kennedy, president of Human Service Center. “We believe we will be able to provide a more effective and sustainable system of care for all who need it.”

“Another goal of UnityPlace is to be more proactive in addressing mental illness needs and the addiction crises of our region,” notes Dave Mingus, CEO of Tazwood Center for Wellness. “We are committed to collaborating with healthcare, social service, education, religious and criminal justice institutions to better serve the people of our communities.”

The new organization will work to enhance community access to a fully-coordinated regional network of behavioral healthcare providers, specialists, and substance abuse and rehabilitation services. Plans for realizing the shared vision will be made in the coming months. PM