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Above: Wilson Grocery Company, 800 SW Washington Street, was the home of Wilson's Pure Food Products. After the food packing and warehouse company filed for bankruptcy in 1925, the building became home to Isaac Walker Hardware, Cohen’s Furniture and Used But Nice Furniture.

Photos courtesy of the Peoria Public Library Local History Collection.

In the September 2018 issue of iBi, Marilyn Leyland of the Peoria Historical Society reviewed the history of local grocery stores and corner markets in Peoria in an article entitled "Getting Your Groceries: Corner Store to Superstore."

As recently as the 1950s, the Peoria City Directory listed more than 300 locally-owned neighborhood grocery stores in the city. From farmer's markets to "mom and pop shops," grocery chains and superstores, neighborhood access to food, goods and other specialty items remains a vital component contributing to the health and wealth of a city.

Christian Lammers’ grocery store on Adams Street, at left, was one of Peoria’s earliest commercial buildings.

Peoria’s second marketplace, built in the late 1850s, was razed in 1897 to make way for the new Peoria City Hall.

Peoria’s City Market, located at Liberty and Franklin streets, offered covered stalls for market gardeners to rent.

Left: W.H. Delaney Grocery, ca. 1910. Right: Inside Delaney Grocery, ca. 1913

Ulrich Bros. Eagle Cash Grocery, 724 West Main

William Ford Grocery, ca. 1890, a combined residence and grocery.

William Ford house and grocery, exterior

William Gleason Grocery

Inside William Gleason’s grocery store at 501 S. Adams, ca. 1890s. Gleason is pictured at far left; meatpacker Christian Buehler, wearing the hat, became very wealthy developing butcher shops and grocery stores in eight states.

Oakford & Fahnestock, ca. 1895. The wholesale grocery company produced foods under the Blue Ribbon brand name. It was renamed the Oakford Company in 1939 and liquidated in 1958.

E.J. Cain Groceries, Milk & Ice Cream at Knoxville and Main, ca. 1913

Reichert's Market on Sheridan Road, ca. 1938. The Reicherts purchased the former Proctor's Market and remodeled the store to include “state-of-the-art” refrigeration.

Three storefronts on the 600 block of West Main Street, including McKittrick Meats, A&P Grocery and Blossom’s
Confectionary, with streetcar tracks running in front

Peter Bartlett Grocery

Advertisement for Moran's Markets

1034 NE Monroe

Village Market, 2909 Prospect Road

Photos courtesy of the Peoria Public Library Local History Collection. Information from Peoria Business: A Pictorial History by Monica Vest Wheeler and the Peoria Historical Society was also utilized.