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Community Impact

Provide new books for children to read and keep so they can learn and love to read.

To provide books of their choice to students in Peoria Public Schools because reading changes children’s lives.

Thanks for generous donors and volunteers, Look. It’s My Book! (LIMB) has given more than 300,000 new books to Peoria Public School students. Since 2008, starting with one school, the organization now reaches every elementary school child in Peoria Public Schools from kindergarten through fourth grade. Six books of their choice are selected by these students during the school year, with additional books given during summer programs.

“On Look. It’s My Book Day, I get that big feeling and it feels good!”
– student reaction

“Developing a love of reading in children is a game-changer. A love of reading and access to books provide hope for a child despite poverty, family or neighborhood instability. Thanks to Look. It’s My Book!, our students are receiving one of the greatest gifts of all: books to instill the passion for reading, learning and growing.”
– Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, Peoria Public Schools Superintendent

“The challenge of urban areas throughout the country is providing a good education for our children. Look. It’s My Book! gives youngsters the opportunity to enjoy reading, and then enjoy learning. Helping kids read is a key to our education system and building our community.”
– Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis

Avoid The Summer Slide!
There is a need for growing emphasis on helping children avoid the summer slide—the phenomenon of losing progress in reading and other school skills over the summer vacation. Working with Peoria Public Schools and other community partners, Look. It’s My Book! provides books for kids in summer programs.

Thanks to the support of WMBD-TV and WYZZ-TV through the One Million Dollar Community Investment, LIMB is able to communicate the importance of reading all summer.

How to Help

  • Visit lookitsmybook.orgto volunteer or donate.
  • Mail your check to Look. It’s My Book! at the address above.
  • Encourage children you know to read this summer so they can successfully enter the new school year with strong reading skills.

Look. It’s My Book!
422 E. High Point Drive  
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 229-6662
Fax: (309) 691-9266
[email protected]

Facebook: @lookitsmybook

Mike Murphy, President
Laurie Adams, Vice President
Drew Gay, Treasurer
Jill Terry, Secretary
Janet Roth, Past President-Founder