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Our mission is to do the work of Jesus Christ, providing hope, respect and guidance towards a path to prosperity.

Peoria Friendship House offers individualized advocacy, coaching, education and support to everyone who walks through our doors. It is a holistic approach towards a path to a better future. We identify and assess each individual to provide a plan of action to eliminate the necessary obstacles in order to move forward to providing the resources needed for family growth. We continue to expand our programs/ services to meet the needs of our changing community. We are thankful for the support of so many and the continued referrals we receive in the area. 

Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service has been a part of the community of Peoria for 70 years. Throughout these years of service, the organization has worked to fulfill the mission to do the work of Jesus Christ, providing hope, respect and guidance towards a path to prosperity. Through donations from individuals and organizations, PFHCS has enhanced the lives of Peorians through a variety of programs. These impactful programs include: free Health Support Services, the STEAMS Program, Enrichment Programs and Summer Camp for youth, Friday Night Take Out meals and food for families, and La Familia services to support local Latino families.

STEAMS Academy:
An after-school program for K-8th graders that focuses on increasing learning potential with a concentration on one-on-one tutoring, enrichment activities and service learning opportunities. It features the STEAMS curriculum, which includes FIRST® LEGO® League, allowing the children to research, design, and build a LEGO® robot. Our goal is that the children grow to love learning and look beyond simply passing their school courses, but dream to excel far beyond. When school is out for the summer, we provide an eight-week Summer Camp program focusing on leadership development that provides four consecutive 2-week camp themes with an enriching diverse program in a fun and safe environment. The children learn about healthy living, giving back to one’s community through service learning, and social and emotional well-being.

La Familia (Latino Outreach): We are proud to serve our Latino community. For over 25 years, we have established a great relationship with our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. Translation services, immigration services, and events have helped us to strengthen our community as a whole.

Financial Stability: A career and personal finance service center that helps low to moderate-income people build smart money habits and focus on the financial bottom line.

Adult Education: Over 45% of the people who come to PFH do not have a high school diploma or GED. We provide GED classes in English and Spanish, so that obstacles such as transportation, hesitation in signing up through a community college system, or lack of confidence are lessened.

Health Support Services: Many of our friends would go years without medical attention if it were not for our Health Support Services program.

Friday Night Takeout: A daily food distribution program that provides over 74,000 meals per year to hungry men, women and children.

The Yellow Jackets Mentor Program: Our basketball team consists primarily of grade school aged children from the Taft Homes, which is in walking distance to Peoria Friendship House. Our partnership with Marcellus Sommerville, Next Generation Academy, allows us to match each child to a mentor who helps them navigate through life obstacles that children their age need help with understanding in order to feel secure about their future and safety.

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Marcellus Sommerville, CEO/President