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In 2002, the seven-year tenure of the 1996 Farm Bill comes to a close. With this conclusion on the horizon, legislators are busy formulating policy for the next farm bill. Policy makers are asking "What worked with the 1996 program?" and "What changes need to be made?"
The Business Plan to Build Demand is a new action plan approved by the Illinois Farm Bureau. The plan outlines some of the necessary steps to communicate the Farm Bureau’s goal of fostering a growing industry that depends less on government payments and more on returns from the marketplace. For agriculture to become more self-sufficient, Congress must implement policies to grow farm markets at home and overseas.

The major initiatives in the Business Plan to Build Demand are energy, market development, trade promotion authority, research, food assistance, conservation and rural development.

More than 800 million people around the world today are chronically undernourished, including more than 180 million children. The United States has the ability to partially alleviate this situation through increased food aid. IBI