A Publication of WTVP

For the past few months, the Greater Peoria Regional Airport has been doing some soul searching. We know there are people who drive 40, 60, even 200 miles to board a plane. Some drive to save a few Dollars; others drive because they have an outdated perception of reliability. All of these factors and more can make or break an airport. So, what are we doing about the problem?

We've been taking a pro-active approach to solving potential issues before they become real issues. As many of you know, we've hired a consulting group to do a Leakage Study. A Leakage Study is comprised of several components to obtain information about how many people who live within a certain radius travel to use another airport.

We've been doing various types of surveys to help us pin-point our strengths and our weaknesses. One of The surveys is a Corporate Travel Survey. We've enabled the assistance of all of the local chambers of commerce to help. The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission has been a tremendous help, as well. The chambers asked their members to take part in the survey. The response has been over-whelming. Area travelers see the big picture. They know if we don't use our airport, we'll lose our significant air service. If we lose our airport, how long will it be before employers move their companies to other cities so they have easier access to air service, allowing them to competitively conduct business?

We appreciate the openness and suggestions that have been pouring in, along with all of the positive comments. This is your airport. We must work together to keep it a thriving facility and an enjoyable experience for our local travelers.

The survey is posted on our Web site. Please take a few moments to fill it out if you travel. As a thank you for your time, we're sending each participant a 90-day trial membership to our Skyway Business Lounge. Your input will help make your airport a better facility. We want you to utilize your airport whenever possible. We know sometimes it's not practical. All we ask is you make an informed decision and keep in mind that this is, indeed, your airport. IBI