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We’re bringing the best technological improvements to our airport. On July 7, the Greater Peoria Regional Airport (GPRA) launched its new flight information display system (FIDS), which provides real time flight data to anyone using or visiting the airport.

The new system, called Airport 20/20, was designed and installed by Talgentra Ltd., a global software company with offices located in numerous worldwide locations including the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Talgentra teamed up with local Peoria firm Oberlander for the system installation.

The new system is automated with an FAA flight data feed, which provides live airline flight status updates every five minutes. In addition, the system displays baggage belt information for each airline and gate information with real time flight boarding and departure information. In all, the FIDS system includes 16, 42-inch LCD monitors and eight, 32-inch LCD displays strategically placed throughout the terminal to assist the traveling public.

You also can obtain this flight information from the airport’s Web site at Just click on the “arrivals” and “departures” links to see a display of all flights and check the status of your flight.

Also, we’re undertaking some additional customer-friendly improvements. First, we’re expanding our new parking lot by an additional 320 spaces to ensure it keeps up with future demand. By the end of the summer, we’ll have replaced the existing airport-wide public announcement system. The new system is a digital paging system designed specifically for airport applications, which is currently used at more than 100 airports nationwide and 24 of the 30 largest airports. The system will include a new mainframe, amplifiers, and 140 new speakers throughout the airport. An ambient noise analysis system will ensure the new speaker volumes are optimal for the actual noise level in the airport by adjusting the volume up or down based on the crowd noise.

Finally, we’re acquiring and installing three new Passenger Boarding Bridges for Delta, Allegiant Air, and United. The new bridges will provide covered boarding for Delta and Allegiant, as these passengers currently have to board their aircraft on the airport ramp. The third bridge will upgrade the existing bridge for United passengers. Each bridge also will come equipped with a Jetway “Baggage Buddy” elevator to permit fast and easy gate check of baggage as passengers step onto the bridge. Passengers will place their gate check bag on a cart when entering the bridge. Ramp agents will use the elevator system to lower the cart to the ramp, where they’ll take the cart directly to the aircraft for stowing these bags in the cargo bin. Upon return, the bags will be placed on the cart and raised to the bridge tunnel, where passengers easily can retrieve their gate check bags before entering the concourse. Finally, the new bridges will help improve airline ground handling efficiency by providing a quick and easy power source mounted directly to the bridge.

We’re committed to providing the best air service and airport experience in downstate Illinois. Your strong and continued support makes these improvements possible. IBI