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Over the last several years, the information technology (IT) industry has undergone tremendous change, with several major shifts that affected the way we all performed our business: enterprise resource planning (ERP), Y2K, the Web (businesses with no other storefront), and customer relationship management (CRM), to name a few. Each of these was marketed as the catalyst, and without adoption of these technologies, your business would fail.

Today, the IT industry is still evolving, yet there’s no clear catalyst. So what does the future hold? In the next five years, we’ll likely see a tremendous change as some newer technologies become more mainstream and, thus, the investment comes down to where it can become a profitable venture.

Take satellite technology. Soon, you’ll be able to order McDonald’s from your car’s onboard navigation system. The store will recognize you and view your travel path, preparing your food in a just-in-time fashion. McDonald’s already has a speed pass where you swipe a card to pay. There will be no need for a person to man the payment window any longer.

How about home and business security? With future economies of scale for satellite technology, you’ll soon be able to view your house from your desktop, as the satellite will be able to pinpoint your address and street location. This presents a whole new way to keep track of your kids or the security of your house.

That’s a handful of years off, but what can we take advantage of now? Here are some useful trends.