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This month marks a milestone of sorts for me. On July 1, my company marks its 10th anniversary in business. For a small business, that’s an accomplishment, and for a consulting firm it is remarkable. A trusted mentor told me to keep my "day job" and give it five years—I’d know then whether it would succeed. That happened in four years, not five, and it has succeeded beyond my best expectations.

Contrast that with a Peoria business/civic leader who, upon hearing my dream, looked at me doubtfully in 1992 and said, "Why would you want to do that in Peoria?" Fortunately, I don’t think that would happen today. We’re in much better shape as a metro area now, and I believe people with a vision for starting businesses and services designed to build communities, serve people, and make money get a lot more encouragement now.

I’ve worked with close to 170 clients in those 10 years and led seminars around the country that reached thousands of people. While I’ve been privileged to share information and to dispense advice, clients and seminar participants have taught me a lot about success and effectiveness in management and life. They showed me what doing business well can be like, and what happens when business is conducted poorly, too. Let me, with their help, pass along to you four keys to ethical and effective organizations.