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Business leaders will remember 2002 as the Year of the Ethical Meltdown. Will 2003 be any different? Are you prepared to make some ethical business resolutions as we move into the new year? We make personal resolutions we plan to carry out, but what about resolutions surrounding the way we do business?

Business ethics issues have been around long before the crises of Enron, ImClone, Vivendi, and other large and small enterprises. But in this past year, business leaders, managers, employees, and politicians all confronted the results of ethical lapses in the previous decade. Greed and the lust for unchecked power finally played out in indictments, terminations, and disciplinary actions.

We’re not going to be able to practice “business as usual” if these excesses ever were usual, in the near term. Authorities, stakeholders, and stockholders are going to face tremendous scrutiny over business practices. What about you and me? How will we change the way we do business in 2003—and beyond?

Try these resolutions and see if they’re a good fit for your enterprise.

Perhaps these resolutions will inspire other resolutions in your business as you enter the new year. Perhaps the resolutions suggested here will suffice. In 2003, it’s important to pay attention to the bottom line. But it’s even more important to pay attention to the ethical bottom line for your business to prosper not only in this year, but for years to come. IBI