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When and if we’re ever confronted with a lawsuit or criminal proceeding, we immediately seek the services of a professional attorney. If we need business or tax advice, we hire an accountant. Doctors and dentists provide our medical or dental care. Even professional auto repair technicians service our cars. We intuitively understand that if we want things done right and to avoid costly mistakes, we need to seek the services of an expert in the appropriate field. This same attitude needs to be carried out in our health and fitness programs.

Just as educated, trained, and experienced specialists in other professions can provide valuable services and get the job done right, a degreed and certified exercise specialist can help you maximize the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of your exercise program. The human body is extremely complex. The many desirable physical adaptations that can be stimulated by exercise won’t take place until and unless several of the body’s requirements are met. Do you know what these requirements are? Without guidance and instruction from a personal trainer (PT) who understands these things, your exercise program will never accomplish all it should.

During an exercise session, a qualified PT should be with you every step of the way to supervise, instruct, correct, and motivate you, ensuring every workout is as productive and efficient as possible. In addition, if a PT isn’t constantly trying to improve your form, technique, and breathing, the PT simply becomes your workout caddie, babysitter, or cheerleader. A PT should do more than just tell you what to do and how to perform an exercise. A qualified PT knows why something should be done and why it works. In addition, to avoid overtraining (which leads to injuries, poor results, and frustration) your PT should discover the precise dosage of exercise your body requires—not how much it can withstand. This is accomplished through precise record keeping.

Research clearly shows those who exercise in a one-on-one fashion with an exercise specialist obtain significantly better fitness results and are more likely to stick with their program than those who exercise without supervision. The effectiveness and popularity of personal training has made it one of the fastest growing segments of the fitness industry. Private facilities specializing in one-on-one instruction are becoming popular due to their unique, non-crowded, professionally controlled environment and personalized attention.

Since your time is valuable, there should be no wasted time during a workout. Your PT should give you undivided attention and constant interaction—never running off to a phone call, a visit with friends, or assisting another client. The PT should be completely dedicated to you and your exercise program.

Most people don’t know what they want from an exercise program; or if they know, they don’t know how to achieve it. People want to gain control of their life. In other words, they don’t want to lose control of their health, fitness level, or physical appearance. Utilizing the services and expertise of a qualified (PT) in a facility specializing in one-on-one exercise instruction will help gain back some of this lost control.

A PT should provide you with the most precise, accurate, and reliable information and techniques regarding exercise, nutrition, and body fat control. A PT should teach you the technical skills necessary to correctly apply this information and derive maximum benefit. One-on-one instruction under the watchful eye of a qualified exercise instructor will lead to maximum fitness results in minimum time, without causing an injury in the process.

If you want to increase your chances of obtaining your fitness goals, find a qualified PT in a facility designed with your results in mind. A quality PT can teach, train, and transform your body toward optimal health and fitness. If you seek expert services for your car, doesn’t your body deserve at least the same attention? IBI