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Head out the door to virtually anywhere in the Peoria metropolitan area these days, and you’re likely to drive past a sight that’s becoming commonplace to central Illinois residents these days. Some may call it construction; we call it progress.

The Upgrade-74 project might be the most visible and widely distributed "progress" of the season, but from our perspective, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. From physical structures including buildings, developments, roads, and bridges to progress in the harder to see but fundamentally vital initiatives like Vision 2020, TransPORT, technology commercialization, and our regional education systems…progress is all around us.

With this in mind, The Heartland Partnership family of companies invites you to celebrate this progress with us at our 2005 Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting, a combined annual meeting for the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce and EDC for Central Illinois, will demonstrate the magnitude of positive activity underway in our region right now through the bold theme, "Work Zone: Building On & Building Up."

The greater Peoria region is undergoing a renovation and revitalization, one that’s turning a shared vision into a shared reality. Our roadways are already taking us in different directions than before, allowing us a new perspective on our sometimes all-too-familiar route.

There’s no speed limit in this Work Zone, and there’s no stopping either. You’ll see the men and women of the greater Peoria region at work-all with different skills that come together in the seamless execution of progress. They take the plans of visionaries and make them their own, changing the face of our everyday lives.

New roads are taking us to the construction sites of ideas. Today’s innovations are rising out of the ground and building up our community. Here’s where we begin merging our rich past with our promising future-a future that’s for and about growth and prosperity.

Together, we’re entering The Work Zone-and there are unbelievable possibilities ahead. Join us for a look at the greater Peoria region’s Work Zone at the 2005 Heartland Partnership Annual Meeting at 11:45 a.m., June 7, at the Peoria Civic Center. For more information or to RSVP, visit or call 495-5900. IBI