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A recent Hewitt Associates survey of 960 large employers found 95 percent offered some form of health promotion programs, an increase of 7 percent since 1995.

"More employers than ever before favor health promotion and condition management programs because they have the potential to provide cost savings; reduce absenteeism; and improve the welfare of employees, dependents, and retirees," said Camille Haltom, a health care consultant with Hewitt Associates. "Companies are increasingly interested in implementing comprehensive health management strategies that provide some level of assistance or education for all individuals in their population, regardless of current health status."

Trends in health promotion initiatives include:

Only a few of these programs are fully integrated health management programs. Such a program includes incentives to reach a participation level of 90 percent or higher. Volunteer or low percentage attendance programs don’t allow the company to reach their expectation and drop off after a short period of time. Reducing health care costs and improving employee health and fitness requires a full commitment by management and the employees to design and implement a truly effective health management program. IBI