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Employer of the Year Award winners were announced at the Employers’ Association (EA) Conference and 90th Annual Meeting held in Peoria on October 24th. Award winners were required to demonstrate a best practice in overcoming a business problem, in addition to demonstrating best practices in the areas of effective communication, encouraging and recognizing the value of employee input, encouraging and fostering employee development, demonstrating strong work/life practices and promoting a positive culture.

Marquette Group (101-250 Employees Award Category)—a $150 million Peoria-based advertising agency focused on interactive, print Yellow Pages and direct marketing for national clients. Their “people practices” have positioned them as a leading directional marketing agency in North America.

Marquette Group is so committed to its employees that even their mission statement focuses on “employees first,” knowing that a strong employee base is necessary for overall success. According to Liz Inghilterra, vice president of human resources, when asked about what makes Marquette Group an employer of choice, she replied, “Family culture—taking care of one another, camaraderie, etc. At Marquette Group, our employees work hard, but they have a lot of fun working.”

Highlights of great practices include:

eServ (Over 250 Employees Award Category)—a Perot Systems Company began as an engineering company focused on computer-aided design and has evolved into a full-service product engineering firm. Since 1999, the company has grown from five people and $500,000 in revenues to 450 employees and $43 million in revenue with customers worldwide. The success of eServ can be directly attributed to the founders’ passion for engineering, their dedication to partnership with their clients and their strong work culture. They instill the overriding goal of providing the highest quality engineering services at the most cost-effective price in all employees.

According to eServ CFO Scott Miller, when asked about what sets them apart as an employer, he replied, “Living by their motto, take care of each problem or issue one at a time. The goal is for the employee to leave more motivated than when they came into the office. It is a chance to get on the right page.”

Highlights of great practices include:

If you would like to learn more about the best practices of these companies, visit the EA website at IBI