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Many companies keep sensitive records pertaining to their customers on file. That information is often necessary to perform daily business functions. With all the current concerns involving fraud and identity theft, the security of this information is not only expected by your customers, it is necessity.

Creating a system to protect these records can be built by following these 4 steps, known as the “SAFE” plan.

Sensitive Data Identified
Your first step is to identify all the data you store within your business. Ask yourself:

Access Controlled
Once you have identified all the sensitive data you keep, you need to keep that information safe. Review these questions:

Formulate a Disposal Plan
Throwing away sensitive information is not enough. A trash bag full of an individuals’ personal information is a gold mine for identity thieves. Consider these questions:

Envision Threats to Your Plan

If you follow this plan, you can protect your business and your customers! Remember—it is your responsibility to keep your customers SAFE! IBI