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Operation Iraqi Freedom has underscored that hundreds of thousands of American men and women will answer the ultimate call of their nation by placing their lives at risk to liberate a nation that’s been under the regime of a brutal dictator. This isn’t a new concept to the citizens of the United States, and this isn’t the first time we’ve acted to depose a menace to the world. We’re a nation “conceived in liberty” that believes the residents of any country should have the right to live in freedom. We believe the twin goals of freedom and democracy are paramount in maintaining a nation governed by its citizenry.

As we’ve seen from the endless news accounts over the course of action in Iraq, the technology and equipment the American military possesses is second to none. More importantly, though, is the training and skill of United State soldiers, which can’t be surpassed by another nation. The commitment our soldiers show in the face of battle is incredible, and their resolve remains the backbone for our strong nation’s defense.

The dramatic advances in technology, and the skill with which our soldiers perform operations, have been on display in Iraq for everyone to see throughout the Iraq operation. Computers, Global Positioning Systems, and night vision equipment are just some of the support provided to our soldiers to help them carry out their mission with better results and less loss of life than has been possible in the past. To think the Allied forces advanced hundreds of miles into territory occupied by the opposition forces and liberated the capital of an oppressed nation in three weeks is mind boggling when compared to past military campaigns.

Under the previous administration, spending to keep our troops well trained and well equipped had been reduced. Investments in new technology and investments in maintenance of current equipment suffered during that time, and morale among our troops began to lag. Over the past few years, though, spending on our military has increased as we’ve begun to realize our place in the world as the lone superpower makes us a target of new and emerging threats not present a decade ago. These are threats we must take seriously—and threats to which we can no longer turn a blind eye.

Our focus on new technology and new military tactics has allowed the United States to be in a position to respond to threats around the world in quick fashion. Despite nay-sayers from many corners, the plan crafted for Operation Iraqi Freedom has been carried out successfully. We still have a long way to go in Iraq on both a military and governmental level, but the idea that Iraq will become a shining example of a free and democratic state is a lot closer to reality than it was just two months ago.

I applaud the efforts of President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld in renewing the vigor of our military structure and in formulating a plan that’s put us in sight of our intended goal. It’s our military men and women, though, who deserve the most credit. They were given a mission and carried it out flawlessly—something for which our nation is extremely grateful. IBI