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Last month’s column focused on the interviewee preparing for the questions that employers ask during an interview. Let’s turn the tables now, and focus on the questions that the interviewee
should ask the employer.

Remember, the interview is also a time to learn more about the company’s philosophy, different aspects of the job for which you’re applying and what the company requires of its employees. These questions are as important as the ones asked of you. Be sure to ask questions respectfully, from an informed perspective based on your pre-interview research. You are asking your interviewer to expand on what you already know about his or her company.



Questions NOT to Ask

Avoid asking your interviewer personal questions, including how they got their job or what their opinion of the company is. Though questions
like these might be important to you, your first interview is not the time to get the answers. Also, never ask the interviewer’s opinion of a former employee. Never discuss politics or religion, unless the position is of a political or religious nature. Finally, it is also considered inappropriate during a first interview to directly inquire about salary, retirement plans, vacations, bonuses and holidays. Wait until you have received or are in the process of negotiating a job offer. iBi