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In March, I gave you five ways to upgrade your sales force. Hiring top performing sales people is tougher and tougher every day, largely because past performance in the days of rapid growth and cherry picking orders doesn’t predict future excellence. As business owners and sales managers, you need to constantly be on the lookout for great talent, continually raising the bar for your company. These ideas will force you to look past the resume and inside the candidate in front of you.

Now, Jim is in front of a prospect that needs, wants, and can afford Jim’s best copier. Only the prospect says, “Jim, you’re the first company we’ve talked to about this purchase. We like you and think you’ve done a great job here, but we need to think about this and ask around to see what your competitors have to offer.” At some level, Jim thinks to himself, “That makes sense. I would too.” So Jim lets them go and another one swirls down the drain.

What hidden weaknesses or head trash are your current people hauling around with them? What about your new candidates? Change your current hiring system to find out before it’s too late. IBI