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With the support of leaders like you, the Heart of Illinois United Way is able to unite businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and donors to achieve results that can’t be achieved by a single company or donor. Together, we’re able to secure resources that improve the quality of life in central Illinois.

More than 1,000 people in central Illinois use United Way-funded services everyday—services reviewed annually by more than 60 volunteers from diverse segments of the community who serve on our grant review panels. Because of the United Way’s network of community volunteers, they’re able to identify critical community needs and work as a catalyst to solve them.

But what would happen if the Heart of Illinois United Way didn’t exist?

• First, 44 health and social service agencies from a six-county region would each be individually requesting funding for a variety of programs. These agencies wouldn’t have the staff or volunteer base to raise the $6.2 million community-impact dollars raised by the Heart of Illinois United Way in 2005.
• Collaboration on programs and between agencies wouldn’t exist, creating multiple duplications of services and ineffective use of donations, and often leaving the people who currently benefit from United Way-funded programs without daycare, warm meals, safe homes, and health services
• More than 6,000 children wouldn’t have daycare, after-school, or summer programs, resulting in lower test scores, higher delinquency rates, and increased welfare costs. More than 4,300 disaster victims would be without food, water, or shelter, resulting in increased expenses for local governments to provide these basic needs.
• More than 12,000 meals wouldn’t be delivered to homebound seniors and persons with disabilities, resulting in increased demand for state-funded social workers and forcing more seniors to leave home. More than 400 homeless people would have to find nighttime shelter in downtown Peoria, resulting in higher law-enforcement costs, crime rates, and taxes.
• More than 780 persons with disabilities wouldn’t have jobs that help them live independently, resulting in increased need for state-run institutions, higher Social Security costs, and higher homelessness rates. More than 9,000 individuals wouldn’t have access to local healthcare clinics, resulting in increased emergency room costs, higher insurance rates, and higher prescription costs.

The Heart of Illinois United Way funds 112 programs at 44 member agencies and serves the counties of Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, Stark, Tazewell, and Woodford. United Way agencies are the most effective nonprofit human-service providers in central Illinois. Held to the highest accountability standards, they focus their efforts on nurturing our youth, strengthening our families, building self-reliance, and promoting healthy lives.

Partnership—just one of the many benefits of collaborating with the Heart of Illinois United Way in order to make a difference right here at home. Just as we count on others to achieve results at work, the United Way counts on the community to ensure a higher quality of life in central Illinois. IBI