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Dr. Ron Bird, chief economist of the Employment Policy Foundation, recently testified before the House Workforce Protections subcommittee on the changing face of workplace demographics, and focused on five dimensions of change over the past 50 years that should affect employment policy. They are:

Dr. Bird testified in front of Congress because the current federal employment laws and regulations are based on the 1930s environment, when the Great Depression was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Today’s workplace, however, is obviously dramatically different and more complex. Subjects such as flexible scheduling, innovative compensation, employment work structures and alternative work arrangements are not uncommon practices in today’s environment.

Therefore, the Employment Policy Foundation strongly recommended that Congress review the effectiveness of the employment policies and reassess whether employment laws and regulations are meeting employee needs.

Such review may lead to a multitude of changes and make the jobs of human resource personnel more difficult and complex. However, if done correctly, the new regulations should be a better reflection of today’s workforce. IBI