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As we all know, more and more of the recruiting world is working the Internet. Of course, most of us know what the top site for recruiting is without much With more than 800,000 jobs, 130,000 employers, millions of resumes, and associated sites in more than 20 countries around the world, they're the top "general job site" in the world. But they aren't the only useful employment site.

Per, the other top general job sites in terms of traffic and popularity include (approximately 300,000 jobs from 25,000 employers),, a subsidiary of Yahoo!,, which searches jobs and links found on employer sites, and America's Job Bank, a local online job service.

But many of these sites don't always cater to employment seekers with specific needs such as new graduates looking for work, high level executives, human resource professionals, health professionals, and even diversity-oriented individuals. The good news is there are sites out there for those specific needs also. Below is a synopsis of some of the top specific needs-oriented sites.

College Graduate Sites:

Executive Job Sites:

Niche Job Sites:

Diversity Job Sites: