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The staffing world is a speed world. Customers need candidates for positions they wanted filled yesterday. They demand a fast response and deserve to get it.

Even in this slowed economy, job growth is still real, as recent unemployment figures show. Businesses, therefore, are still competing for talented employees.

Many companies, however, are losing this race because they cannot make hiring decisions fast enough.

Today’s best candidates have a multitude of employment choices to choose from. They often have more than one employment offer and are usually never available for long. Whether hiring a permanent or contract candidate, the speed of a company’s hiring process determines its ability to recruit and employ such a workforce.

A streamlined hiring process is a distinct advantage over competitors. Once employers have a resume, they should move on that hiring opportunity. If they cannot, they are giving their competitors a head start on hiring that candidate.

Here are a few suggestions that will help if a company is not up to speed.

These suggestions are not difficult or expensive to implement. It is, basically, a change of philosophy with the company hiring process.

A streamlined hiring process has a company always poised and ready. This is a positive, as great talent does not just become available only when the company is hiring. Filling these important personnel roles faster will help build a strong and dynamic company. It also should put the company in the forefront of the talent race. IBI