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Corporate-sponsored training is a high-stakes enterprise. Employers dedicate large budgets to training and expect a substantial return on investment, in the form of increased employee output and bottom-line improvements. From an employee perspective, training is high on the list of priorities when considering employment opportunities or growth and promotion within their current position. It’s a tool that helps businesses attract and retain top talent.

The importance of corporate-sponsored training is clear. The reality in today’s volatile economy is that employees are being asked to do more than ever with less time and resources. Everyone admits training is crucial to success and advancement, but the question is how to make it a priority within the time and budget constraints employers and employees face.

One of the most popular solutions to take hold is e-learning. It’s cost effective and offers flexibility for both the employer and employee. While there will always be a need for instructor-led training, e-learning can significantly reduce training budgets without sacrificing quality training. Surprisingly to some, one industry that’s focused and enhanced its e-learning offerings for its employees and its clients is the staffing industry.

The staffing industry’s global workforce is called upon by companies of every size in nearly every industry to perform myriad job functions. Training such a massive and vital labor force only makes sense. To accomplish this feat in a fast, effective, and cost-effective way is no small task, however. Factor in the diverse job responsibilities of these employees, everything from light industrial to information technology, and the scope of the training endeavor becomes even more evident. The result is that many staffing services have turned to developing their own e-learning programs.

E-learning is one of the best investments a staffing company can make. It gives their workforce the skills, talents, and motivation to perform to the very highest standards. These e-learning programs provide training on a variety of subjects including software, information technology, business skills, telecommunication, and interpersonal skills. Some even feature chat rooms that give students the ability to network and share topical issues with peers and professional colleagues.

Comprehensive e-learning solutions offer other numerous benefits, with flexibility being central. Training no longer has a set number of openings, and it needn’t require attendees to adhere to a fixed schedule. Rather, employees can work through courses according to their own schedules. In addition, e-learning is usually accessible from any computer with Internet access.

Though originally designed for a staffing firm’s own workforce, many customers have seen the benefits of e-learning solutions and utilize them for their own workforces. It doesn’t matter whether the training is taken by a permanent or staffing employee, as the consequence is the same: an improved, satisfied employee, improved company performance, and satisfied management and clients. E-learning offerings are just one of the many ways staffing firms help solve their clients’ problems. If needed training is a roadblock to your company’s success, investigate partnering with your staffing firm’s training solutions—it may be your answer.  IBI