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Selecting references is a critical part of job search success, so take time to choose them wisely. Here are a few suggestions on how to identify a good reference, reference etiquette, questions employers may ask a reference and how to set up a reference page for potential employers.

Selecting your references

Strive for a balanced group of people (i.e. a recent/current employer, long-time professional contact, colleague or co-worker). Choose those who know you well and can speak knowledgeably about your professional and personal attributes.

Reference etiquette

Reference questions

References are used to help determine both the potential of the candidate and whether or not the candidate will fit into the company’s culture. The following are typical questions your references might be asked.

Your reference list

Set up your page of references on the same type of paper as your resume. Provide your name, address, phone, email and fax information at the top in the same format and typeface as your resume. Include the following information for each reference:

Remember, a good reference can help you land a job, but just the same, a bad reference can hurt your chances. By properly selecting your references, preparing and updating them with your job search and properly presenting them in your reference list, you stand a better chance of landing the job you desire. Happy hunting. IBI